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The name changetraining shows our twofold focus:

Stefan Hürlimann

*lic.oec.publ., 1967
Managing Director, Consultant und Trainer*

  • As a former Head of Controlling, Stefan Hürlimann was in close contact with executives.
  • He is therefore very familiar with the requirements and the vocabulary of heads of finance and top executives.
  • «You will work together with a consultant and trainer who has the ability to analyse and accompany leadership questions with an integrated approach.

The latest methodological competence and an extensive overview over economic and psychosocial questions are at the focus of attention. Your reliable and responsible coach has many years experience with complex challenges and enjoys demanding tasks.»

  • Stefan Hürlimann speaks German and English.
 He successfully completed language trainings in the US, UK and Australia.

Phone: +41 43 266 98 82 

Cell phone: +41 79 580 88 88 

E-Mail: sh@changetraining.ch

Stefan Hürlimann
lic.oec.publ., 1967
Geschäftsführer, Berater und Trainer

Facts Sheet Stefan Hürlimann

Sara Schmid
  • Sara Schmid studied psychology at the University of Zurich and received her master’s degree in summer 2017.

During her studies and her internship, she learned a lot about the construction of questionnaires and their statistical analysis (with SPSS and R). She was able to further develop this knowledge in the Decision Analysis team at Eawag (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology) on the topic of fairness.

Sara Schmid is active as a project collaborator and consultant in the areas of change management and training. She provides support in the design and development of workshops and training.
She moderates and coaches in German and English.

E-Mail: info@changetraining.ch

Sara Schmid

Sara Schmid
MSc in Psychologie, Universität Zürich, *1989
Consultant und Trainerin

Facts Sheet Sara Schmid

Change Management & Organisational Development

Cultural or structural change: This is how you get everybody in

A change process is required if:

This is how we support you:

Facts Sheet Value Change

Training & Human Resource Development

Training – Human Resource Development: Highly positioned through encouragement

The conduction of trainings is recommended if:

This is how we support you:

Graph Communication

Graph Communication

Digital Leadership

Flat hierarchy and democratic leadership?

Digitization is increasingly leading to new leadership challenges – we call this Leadership 4.0

Coaching & Career Planning

Coaching & self management: Discover new paths – Improve results

Coaching is promising if:

This is how we support you:

Self Check Personality

Conflict Management and Mediation

Resistances and conflicts: This is how you locate constructive solutions

A specific mediation is recommended if:

This is how we support you:

Graph Conflict Session

Graph Conflict Session
Facts Sheet Conflict Management

HR Interim Management - Transformation, AC, Active Sourcing


The launch of an HR-Project is required if:

  • you want to give yourself a new understanding of your role (HR-Mission).
  • you want to strategically realign yourself.
  • you must cut costs in the HR.
  • you introduce new functions, structures and systems.

This is how we support you:

  • Conception and realisation of workshops on the level of management or employee for the analysis of the initial position
  • Concretion, redefinition and anchoring of the new strategies.
  • Formulation of new job descriptions and creation of process diagrams
  • Controlling and follow-up in order to check if the HR transformation has been entirely and consistently implemented
Recruiting & Assessment Center (AC): Find the most appropriate candidate

An Assessment is required if:

  • you want to promote the potential of employees (Development-AC).
  • you want to measure the selection process, behaviour and traits of candidates standardised. For example via interactive exercises as presentations, role playing, group discussions, performance and personality test (Selection-AC).

This is how we support you:

  • Analysis of requirements
  • Constructions of exercises, which are tailored to the position and are constructed close to reality
  • Planning and execution of ACs
  • Analysis and report generation
  • Recommendations and feedbacks

Active Sourcing - Social Media

The use of social media cannels is promising if:

  • Human Resources and company management want to level out with new media.
  • an entrepreneur wants to position himself more fetching (Employer and Employee Branding).
  • you are specifically looking for specialists and executives in order to fill difficult vacancies.

This is how we support you:

  • Conception and moderation of company and group workshops about employer branding and sourcing with new media
  • Consulting in order to establish an individual social media HR strategy
  • Exercising with the help of concrete examples as for instance vacancies out of your every day work


Newplacement: New perspectives thanks to individual consulting

Consulting concerning newplacement is required if:

This is how we support you:

Facts Sheet Newplacement
Booklet Newplacement

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Facts Sheet Consultants
Facts Sheet Stefan Hürlimann
Facts Sheet Sara Schmid

Facts Sheet Success Stories
Facts Sheet Social Media Recruiting
Facts Sheet Conflict Management
Facts Sheet Newplacement
Facts Sheet Value Change
Facts Sheet Digitalization / Industry 4.0

Self Check
Self Check Personality

«personalSCHWEIZ»: Was ist heute die neue «Normalität»?
«Alpha»: Personalsuche wird immer virtueller
«HR Today»: Der All-in-one Recruiter
«Persorama»: Wie agile Transformation Widerstand überwindet
Leadership 4.0: Flache Hierarchie und demokratische Führung?

Insights MDI®
Factssheet Insights MDI®
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Booklet Newplacement

Graph HR-Transformation
Graph Conflict Session
Graph Communication
Graph Networking

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Location Plan
Location Plan Changetraining GmbH

Our services in a nutshell
Our services in a nutshell


Digest from our customer list

  • ABB Schweiz, Baden
  • Acino Pharma AG, Aesch/Basel
  • ARCON Informatik AG, Cham
  • Allianz Versicherung, Zürich
  • Arbeitsheim Wangen, Wangen
  • Axa Versicherung, Winterthur
  • Bundesverwaltung, EPA – Eidgenössisches Personalamt, Bern
  • Credit Suisse, Zürich
  • Dannemann, Burger Söhne Holding AG, Burg/AG
  • Deutsche Bank (Suisse) SA, Zürich
  • DSJ – Dachverband Schweizer Jugendparlamente, Bern
  • ELCA Informatik AG, Zürich
  • EPI – Schweizerische Epilepsie-Stiftung, Zürich
  • ETH, Zürich
  • Ergon Informatik AG, Zürich
  • Erni International AG
  • ewz, Zürich
  • FHNW, Fachhochschule Nordostschweiz, Olten
  • Fisch Asset Management, Zürich
  • Flughafen Zürich, Zürich-Kloten
  • GE Money Bank AG, Zürich
  • Georg Fischer AG, Schaffhausen
  • HWZ, Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich


  • IBM Zürich
  • jobs.ch AG / jobcloud.ch AG, Zürich
  • Kanton Bern, Bern
  • Kanton Luzern
  • Kanton Zug, Zug
  • Kanton Zürich, Zürich
  • KV Business School Zürich
  • La Prairie, Volketswil
  • Meier Tobler AG, Nebikon
  • Migros Genossenschafts-Bund, Zürich
  • Novartis AG
  • ÖKK – Versicherung, Landquart
  • Orange Communication SA, Biel
  • PFS Pension Fund Services AG, Glattbrugg
  • PKRück, Zürich
  • Psychiatrie Dienste Süd, Pfäfers
  • Quitt-ServiceHunter AG, Zürich
  • RGZ Stiftung, Zürich
  • Rhomberg Gruppe, A-Bregenz
  • Ringier AG, Zürich
  • Schindler Aufzüge AG, Ebikon
  • Schulen Dübendorf
  • Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB, Bern
  • Schweizerische Bundesverwaltung, Bern

  • Schweizerisches Rotes Kreuz Kanton Zürich
  • SIX Group, Zürich
  • Spital Männedorf, Männedorf
  • Stadt Bern
  • Stadt Kloten
  • Stadt Zürich
  • Suva, Luzern
  • Swisslog AG, Buchs
  • Swissport International Ltd., Zürich-Kloten
  • Syngenta AG, Basel
  • TA-Media, Zürich
  • TCS, Genf, Bern, Luzern
  • Unic AG, Zürich
  • Universität Zürich
  • Universitätsspital Zürich
  • Walo Bertschinger AG, Dietikon
  • WEKA Business Media AG, Zürich
  • ZGP – Zürcher Gesellschaft für Personal-Management, Zürich
  • Zühlke Engineering AG, Schlieren
  • Zürich Versicherung, Zürich
  • We work on a regional and international level within a network of renowned consultants, executives and experts.
  • Thanks to a joint philosophy and co-ordinated work method, we are able use synergies for our clients.
  • Our partners also focus on sustainable added value for our clients.

Change eye

“We believe that people and organizations can change.”

Inspired by our mission and united by many years of collaboration, we go the extra mile for you. Experienced in diverse change projects, solidly trained and with a wide variety of backgrounds, we will safely accompany you on your change journey.

We help organizations change in order that they make people’s lives and our world a little better.
That is our passion.



Organisational Development, Conflict Management
Manifold experienced, clever and fresh

We are a network of seven manifold experienced process designers with diverse competencies. In case you are facing challenging and complex problems in organisations we provide you with effective advice from different perspectives. Together with you we develop solutions in a clever and fresh manner.

Members of Wirknetz
Veronika Bücheler, Paul Deuss, Renata Güdel, Stefan Hürlimann, Barbara Leuner, Dominik Ruppen, Elisabeth Vogel



Leading organisation in employee attitude surveys

We establish the basis for a successful organisational development with a perfectly tailored employee attitude survey. Due to detailed feedback and a sophisticated measure you are optimally prepared for your future – with content and commited employees.



Human resources management, organisational development

25 competent HR experts with a powerful network support you with great know-how for all HR processes. Your requirements are precisely analysed so we can find a suitable consultant for you.


Further Partners
Marcella Linn und Partners
Marc Bleiker, Bleiker Consulting GmbH
Tobias Reisbeck
Christoph Truchet, Webrelaunch
Marcel Lüdi
Barbara Stucki Steiger